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Feast Locally | A Membership for Denver Foodies

If you love food you have every right to call yourself a Foodie, which means this small-batch membership is for you!

Feast Locally is an exclusive 6-month membership offered to only 1,000 people. Your membership is good for 6 months from the date you purchase it. It is launching in September and I highly recommend buying your membership now.


Feast Locally is a select set of local Denver restaurants, curated by @5280_eats, that offer an exclusive offer to members such as 20% off your entire bill (including alcohol). The redemption is unlimited for that month so if you love one restaurant you can skip the others and eat there every night! Featured restaurants are some of the best in town like Bones, Annette, Bar Dough, Hearth & Dram, Bigsby's Folly and more.

Your membership includes more though. You will get a monthly email with the new featured restaurants, followed by insights like the best dishes or a background on the chef, where to park, details on reserving your table, and more.

Are you buying in yet? I already did! It's $100 for the membership and it pays for itself within the 1st month of dining.


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