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Nap City: Helix Sleep Mattress

Bites with Bre: Helix Sleep Mattress

When Neil and I bought our first home last year we decided we needed to upgrade from a Queen to a King mattress for our master-suite bedroom. We had done a lot of research about the emerging online mattress industry and decided on a Helix Sleep. A little over a year later we can say we LOVE it. We often remind each other that it was the best investment we made together (aside from our house). Each Helix is made with premium materials for comfort and durability.

Buying a house put all our spending on hold and we have become much more aware of the small purchases that add up. It has taken us some time to furnish our interior but we are now putting our focus on our guest room. Between my family and our friends visiting from around the world, we wanted our guests to have the best night's sleep as Neil & I experience every night. Friends, we have upgraded our guest room mattress from a hard queen to our beloved Helix.


Neil and I took the Helix Sleep Quiz, which personalizes the custom-made mattress for you [and your partner]. It takes about 5 minutes and is very easy. It starts to get to know you by asking your name, height, weight, and gender. Then it asks about your sleeping habits such as "do you toss and turn at night", "what is your primary sleep position" and "where are your pressure points". If you take the quiz for a couple then it will also ask the same questions for your partner.

I love a firm bed because it helps with my back pain, whereas Neil loves a softer bed for his hips and sciatic. We can agree that we both prefer a cool temperature throughout the night. Our Helix has been perfect at accommodating both our needs. See our Sleep Quiz results for yourself:

Helix Sleep Quiz Results


Helix created the perfect blended mattress for Neil and I. We love spending time in there for a Zen10 (my term for ten minutes of uninterrupted relaxation), reading books, or taking naps. We never took naps in our old bed and we would spend most of the time tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable. Goodbye to all of that because Helix has changed the way we sleep.

I cannot believe how inexpensive our mattress is compared to other competitors in the market that aren't nearly as comfortable. The price is about 1/3 of the average retail price and worth every penny. With the money we saved, we put some of it towards the wall decor and a Helix mattress protector. It feels just like the bed and doesn't move around. This is must for the guest bed! If you are a mattress protector fan, then you need this.


I will say it again and again, Neil and I love our Helix. I think the entire process from the sleep quiz and ordering to delivery and set up is seamless. They deliver right to your door and the unboxing process is as easy as "unpack, unroll, and unwind". They officially have my stamp of approval! Now I am a proud owner of 2 Helix Sleep Mattresses in my home. I can't wait for my guests to visit for the holidays.


If you are considering a new mattress and you want to sleep your best, then Helix is for you. Use my promo code for $50 off: BITESWITHBRE

Helix is the first direct-to-consumer mattress brand that uses cutting edge data and analytics to create individually personalized, high quality mattresses for individual and couples. Want more information on Helix? Head to and follow them on Instagram HERE.


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