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Pancakes & Prosecco Party

BirchBenders Waffles

Breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea no matter what time of the day. When my sister Kate and I were roommates, we'd yell down the hall around midnight that it was a pancakes kind of night. We would throw a mini midnight pancake party with a glass of prosecco. My Grandma started the tradition of late night pancakes and all her grand kids keep that alive; except Kate and I added the prosecco part.

If you are looking to host a pancake (or waffle) party, I have a few great tips that I saw at a Birch Bender's party that I have to share with you.

1. Bubbly everywhere!

There was prosecco when we walked in, prosecco by the couch and prosecco on the appetizer table. It was self served and nice to not have to leave a conversation to refill your glass. Not everyone will want prosecco, but may want to look like they are drinking bubbly so be sure to supply sparkling water too.

2. Bite sized appetizers are great for mingling.

Think bite sized mini pancakes! The Birch Bender's mixes come in all different flavors so you can make a variety of options that are sweet and savory.

Paelo mix with pizza sauce and a sprinkle of cheese or pepperoni on top.

Gluten Free mix with turkey and cheese.

Classic mix with a mini fried chicken.

Banana Paleo mix with a slice of banana in between two mini pancakes, drizzled with peanut. butter and shaved toasted almonds.

Blueberry mix with nutella and fresh blueberries on top.

Six Grain Cinnamon mix with a peach slice and honey.

3. The party doesn't need to have only pancakes.

I recommend having other appetizers like a fruit and cheese tray, charcuterie board, veggie tray, caprese skewers and more. A variety of options are great for all dietary preferences.

4. Go Big or Go Home with Waffles.

Since it is hard to cook while entertaining, grab a variety of Birch Bender's Toaster Waffles (found in the frozen section at Sprouts Farmers Market) and let the toaster or oven do the cooking. Set up a build your own waffle station with plenty of toppings like fruits, syrups, ice cream, and assorted toppings. This allows guests to be creative, talk about their topping choice and get a full meal. The toaster waffles are my favorite.


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