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Author, Foodie, Blogger,  Dog Mom, Future Wifey, & Social Butterfly.


The influence of Social Media has opened many doors for foodies, bloggers, and everyday people to connect. It is a full time job keeping up with restaurant openings and spotlighting  existing  restaurants. I eat cold food because I take my time looking for a better angle, lighting, or overall shot. The phone/camera always eats first.


I love sipping wine on my patio, cuddling my pup Tillie, gardening, hiking, traveling, working on projects for my house and being a Sherpa for my cyclist fiance. 

I'm the youngest of 5 from Chicago suburbs and finally enjoying my peaceful life in Colorado (yet I'm close enough to Downtown Denver for when I'm homesick for car horns and the city vibe.


My life as a foodie started at the age of 12 when my dad and I spent every Friday visiting the top rated fish broils throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. I loved critiquing my experience from the ease of parking to the last bite of dessert. As I entered high school, we had less time together and spent most nights in the kitchen, where I learned top secret family recipes. When I left for college,  I still had such a love for food that it was no surprise I graduated with a B.S. in Food Science. 



My passion for wine began the first time I tasted a Tempranillo. I had never tasted something so complex, yet inviting to drink more. I wanted to learn about everything I was missing out on. After years of tasting (err,  ...drinking)  I still am on a quest to learn about wine. I admire all the female Sommeliers. They are inspiring! 

I believe the best friendships

are built over good food and great conversations. 

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