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Colorado Proud Products

I just have to share my new favorite yogurt flavor: Noosa Blackberry Serrano

It is the perfect amount of sweetness with a little heat. Coloradoan's love local products but we really love when we get to exclusively have it first. This gives us the chance to spread the word (aka hype) and brag about how great Colorado. This was something another one of my favorite companies used for their marketing and now they are huge. Can you think of who?

New Belgium! Their beer was so exclusive when they just started out. As their beer selection grew they kept their seasonal brews local to Colorado and only shipped Fat Tire and Sunshine Wheat to other states. I remember the days when my friends in Chicago request that I bring a 6 pack of 1554 with me on my next trip back . New Belgium Brewing became a household name across the nation because the hype was so big (as it should be). Now, you can get all of their beers anywhere!

From small local companies to large corporations with their roots locked in to Colorado, we have a great entrepreneurial state.

Some of my other Colorado faves Food :

  • Hope Hummus

  • Infinite Monkey Theorem

  • Balistreri Wines

  • Boyers Coffee (and Luna Tea)

  • Chipotle

  • Kodiak Cakes

  • Molson Coors (I love The Sandlot: Blue Moon Tap Room)

  • Elevation

  • Eco-Products

  • Chocolove

  • EVOL burritos


  • Crocs

  • OtterBox

  • Camp Bow Wow

  • Osprey

  • Pearl Izumi

  • Spyder

  • Stages

  • Core Power Yoga

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