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New Kid on the Block | The Pig & The Sprout


Have you heard of The Pig & The Sprout? Their soft open is this Friday (June 17) and everything is phenomenal. The restaurant is two stories with an bar-lounge looking over the dining area.

Pro Tip: Don't miss the bathrooms and the 300 Bottle under-the-stairs wine cellar.


Well the name first of all was cleverly thought out to embody a menu that offers hearty (Pig) or light (Sprout) entrees. But it doesn't stop there, they even offer Pig & Sprout drinks and desserts!


The cocktails are delicious. I started with the Spring Fling which is a mix of dolin blanc, lillet rose, creme de violette, lemon and orange bitters. It was simple, refreshing, and went down almost too smooth [I had to get a second one]. Andy and his wife (with their adorable daughter) were at the Media Sneak Peek to tell me about everything from the living moss "Oink" sign down to the thought process of every ingredient. They have House Rules in the front of the bar book that pretty much says, be a good person, enjoy your visit and respect the neighborhood. Th


After the cocktail hour everyone sat for a 5 course preview dinner. I'm going to let the photos do the talking but I do have a few comments:

I'm going back for the Summer Vegetable Salad but I want 10 plates of it!

The Lambrusco wine paired with the Sliced Brisket was my favorite and I never expected that.

I am obsessed with the Vanilla Ice Cream and whiskey cherries. This is my new favorite dessert spot.


Say Hi to Tom behind the bar, he makes a mean cocktail! The Pig & The Sprout will be opening the patio with a dual sided bar. It's under construction so it might be a bit until it opens but definitely will be worth it. The overall menu will includes Burgers, Salads, Sandwiches, and light snack bites.

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