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Turmeric | The Perfect Sports Recovery Snack

I am just one week shy of my first 15k! I really wanted the candy bar medal from the Hot Chocolate Run so I daringly signed up for the race. I am not a runner by any means but have come a long way from 10 minutes of painfully counting down to sprinting past an hour. Every time I am sweating it out on the DREADmill (a.k.a. our treadmill), I think about chowing down on breakfast. Eating a protein packed meal helps keep me fueled through the day but with all the running I needed something to help aid in my sports recovery. Turmeric to the rescue!

If you didn't know Turmeric is the hot new trending topic. It's an ancient spice that has been proven to have many great health benefits such as:

  • Digestive Aid

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Boosts metabolism and can aid in weight loss

  • Cancer Preventative (Colon, Prostate, and more)

  • Antioxidant for Alzheimers, diabetes, and arthritis

  • and many more

The first three are the reason I incorporate Turmeric it into my daily routine. Did you know it tastes sweet and savory depending on what you pair it with too?


Instead of using salt, use a dash of turmeric.

1 Plantain

1 Tablespoon Turmeric powder


  • Heat oven to 450.

  • Peel husk off of plantain and thin slice the plantain into rounds.

  • Lightly drizzle olive oil (or choice of oil) on plantains

  • Cover the top of your baking sheet with tinfoil

  • Bake for 15-20 mins. Then remove the top foil (and discard), flip plantains and continue baking 15-20 more minutes or until desired crispness.

  • Remove from oven and let cool 10 minutes before eating.

Other ways to sprinkle it into your life:


1 Palisade Peach, cut in half

Dash of Gaia Turmeric Boost (add to taste)

If you prefer your peach chopped up then add then add a dash of turmeric to vanilla Greek Yogurt and top with your diced peach.


We shop at Sprouts Farmers Market but you could also find it at some grocery stores, supplement shops, or online! Sprouts is mad (in a good way) about Turmeric and they sell it everywhere. You can find it in the supplement isle in pill capsules, powder, or liquid drops, in the spice isle, or the root in fresh produce for cooking.

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