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The Chardonnay Comeback | Butter JaM Cellars

Chardonnay's have become less preferred over the past years with vineyards steering away from Butter notes and oak aging. California is very well known for their bright, crisp, fruity chards in a stainless steel barrel. However, a few wineries couldn't give up their original Chardonnay recipes and kept the traditional Chard alive just in time for its comeback.

I present to you Butter, from John and Michelle Cellars (JaM CELLARS). The first smells will be aromatic, fruity, vanilla and light. Your first sips you will be butter, vanilla-oaked and a long lasting honeydew flavor on the tongue. You will finish your drink noticing the creamy richness and smooth refreshing balance.

You can find this $10-15 bottle at your local Trader Joes, Costco, Argonauts, or other wine shops. It is easy to find since it was awarded as Must Drink Wines of 2014 and 2015!

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