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Don't Leave Home Without the Bubbly: Schramsberg

I couldn't be more excited to kick off 2016 because I had an amazing 2015, including finding this gem. Schramsberg can be found at Argonauts, the local Denver liquor store, for an amazing price (just this week) of $29.99, otherwise its normally $35.99.


Why not is the real question. When I discovered this champagne in Calistoga it changed my entire outlook on sparkling wine. I later found out Schrambsberg Blanc de Blanc was the drink of Nixon's "Toast to Peace" with China back in 1972. Since then, this is the featured sparkling wine for any state addresses. It's that amazing that every U.S. Presidental administration pours this at their big events.

Now let's get back to the wine. Blanc de Noirs translates to "White from Black" because they use red grapes, Pinot Noir specifically, and with a very delicate pressing technique to proper storage create this beautiful wine.


I love the strong apricot aroma followed by a sweet vanilla and suttle almond. The first sip almost cracks on your tongue from the citrus taste of oranges and lime. Your palate will long for more.


The Blanc de Noirs is my favorite! I keep a spare bottle in the wine cooler for my craving or if there is a special occassion. This pairs well by itself, with soft cheeses, or chocolate. However, if you would like to enjoy a glass (or two) with dinner I highly recommend pairing this with macadamian crusted halibut.

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