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Happy π (3.14) Day | iPie Tivoli

Today is Pi (π) Day and to celebrate I am eating many pizza pies from iPie. The best part is that they are $3.14 today!

What is iPie? Well it definitely isn't an Apple product. In fact, it stands for Infinitus Pie because your pizza has infinite possibilities when you start to custom create it. I am very lucky to have Jenny, the pizza guru and manager of iPie Tivoli, as my friend to introduce me to her favorite combinations.


The spinach pesto pie with pecans, Genoa salami, tomato, feta and banana peppers drizzled with a house made lemon ailoi on top. This is the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and spicy!


Jenny said I had to try the housemade meatballs but it would only make sense if I tried it on my pizza. She added some peppers, red sauce, and a lot of cheese! The combination was so perfect that I called it an open-faced philly-meatball sandwhich.


There is no such thing as a pizza party without dessert! We ordered the Banana Fosters Pies that literally was an open faced banana bread pudding drizzled in cinnamon roll frosting and melted chocolate chips.


GO TO iPIE TIVOLI today! If you can't think of something to create there are plenty of pre-made options on the menu to choose from.

The parking lot is open to the public even though the restaurant is located on Auraria Campus student union/student center. iPie is located off to the side, on the second floor, above the food court. As Jenny best described the directions, "Follow Your Nose towards all the great smells".

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