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A Whole New E-Bike World

Pace 500 Step Through. Photography by Arrow & Peak

Have you ever wanted to go for a walk around the neighborhood but felt awkward going by yourself or without a dog? When I was in college I felt like people would stare out their windows at me, ready to dial the police because it was suspicious to see someone walking slowly around the neighborhood. If I had another person or a dog, that was a valid reason to be walking. I'm over that fear now, and I live in an active community. However, I feel even more inclined to get outdoors now that I have an Aventon e-bike.

Right as COVID hit, Aventon and I decided to partner together to encourage people to find new ways to get out of their homes and stay safe. They offer all types of models such as commuters, foldable, cruisers, hybrids, and more. I loved the color of the Pace 500 Step-Through plus all it's features, and that was my chosen electric bike.

LCD screen on Aventon e-bike. Photography by Arrow + Peak


The electricity in the bike adds up to an extra 750 Watts with the 5-levels of pedal-assist. Aren't up for pedaling? The throttle will get your Aventon e-bike moving up to 20MPH without a pedal stroke. If a hill makes you hop off the bike, it has a button that won't let the bike take you downhill. Simply press it while walking the bike up hill and off it goes at 2-3 MPH. As a less active cyclist, these features are dope! I can keep up with Neil and crush him on sprints.

Photography by Arrow + Peak


The battery recharges quickly and lasts about 40 miles per ride. You can keep track of the battery with the giant LCD screen that also shares your MPH’s.


First lets talk comfy features like the thick, plush seat. I'm used to a hard road bike seat so this is a much appreciated change. Plus, this big booty fits on the whole seat. The wheels have reflectors outlining the rims and boasts Tektro HD-T285 hydraulic disc brakes with a safety cut off sensor is all the rage! The crankshaft is Shimano Altus 11-32 Cassette, 8 Speed. If you don't know what that means, that's a steal on products for the overall price of the e-bike.

You have to get one! With the slogan, "Adventure delivered direct to your front door" you can't go wrong with opening a can of worms. Shop all Aventon e-bikes or let's be twinning by purchasing the Pace 500 Step-Through! Feel free to tell them Bites with Bre sent you, maybe they will throw in some Aventon swag.

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