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Boozy Limoncello Sorbet Dessert Recipe

Photography by Wheeler & Williams Photography

I have Italy on my mind after tasting the Lemon Sorbet with Candied Zest from Sorbabes Gourment. It is tart at first and then has a smooth and creamy finish. It reminds me of limoncello. Whenever Neil travels to Italy he brings me back a bottle of Limoncello to enjoy after our dinners. Wine and specialty liqueurs are the best souvenirs anyone can get me. I wanted to step up my limoncello so I played around in the kitchen and discovered a refreshing, boozy limoncello sorbet dessert.


Place sorbet dishes and spoons in freezer at least one hour before serving. When dishes are chilled scoop sorbet into dishes and leave in freezer up to 30 minutes before serving.

Photography by Wheeler & Williams Photography

Zest a quarter of a lemon. Use the zest peel to decorate the top of lemon sorbet.

When your guests are ready for dessert, pour 2oz of Limoncello in the sorbet dish. A boozier, less tart alternative is to pour 1 oz of limoncello and 1 oz of vodka in the dish.

Then add a basil leaf and serve to guests.

The lemon sorbet perfectly balances the limoncello and is the best for a hot summer day.


Check out Sorbabes Instagram here.

It's Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, & Non-GMO.

It's sold at Safeway and Walmart if you are looking for it in Colorado.

Photography provided by: Lena Wheeler, Wheeler & Williams Photography


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