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Füdmill | Artisan Pastry Company

If you have been following any of the major media outlets in Denver then you might have read about the newest chef collaboration called Füdmill. The five chef's behind it are Alex Seidel, Keegan Gerhard, Lisa Bailey, Matt Vawter, and Adam Schlegel. They described the new concept best on their site:

Füdmill is a partnership born of the mutual respect between a group of acclaimed Denver restaurateurs and their shared vision for creating lasting experiences through food. We wanted to bring out a product line unmatched in Colorado, from breakfast to desserts, that we could serve in our restaurants and make available to the public through local partnerships. Füdmill is our playground and our workbench; a place where we craft specialties that are sent out to satisfy those little cravings.

I was so lucky to snag a tray of assorted croissants, muffins, scones, Danishes and more from my local Wash Park Whole Foods. If you are in Denver, you can find Füdmill pastries at Wash Park, Colorado Blvd, Cherry Creek and Tamarac.

Photography courtesy of Lena Wheeler, Wheeler & Williams Photography

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