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Great For You : Good Day Chocolate

Obsession alert!!!

I am obsessed with Good Day Chocolate, which are chocolates with health benefits. This seemed strange to me too, but then I tested them for myself and fell in love. Good Day Chocolate offers different types of chocolates (milk and dark) with supplements based on the benefit you need like calming, probiotic, turmeric, sleep and energy. I can't pick a total favorite but right now I have been using the Sleep Chocolate at night. I'm typically a great sleeper but I have been under a little bit of stress in addition to all the time zones I have been traveling to.


The team at Good Day Chocolate sources all natural, non-GMO and pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals mixed with fair trade milk and dark chocolate. Each chocolate piece has an accurate serving of supplements and the side of the box will tell you how much you need. I will say, I want to eat all of the chocolate but it is smart to stick to serving sizes when it comes to supplements.


Calm: smooth blend of amino acids and botanicals to help release tension and relax

Probiotic: to promote digestive health

Turmeric: to help sore muscles recover quicker

Sleep: nighttime supplement with melatonin to aid with sleep

Energy: caffeine boost with vitamins and green tea


Thanks to Sprouts Farmers Market for hosting a group of Colorado bloggers for an evening of chocolate making and tasting at Good Day Chocolate's HQ. We were given a portioned amount of probiotic powder to mix into melted chocolate. They even put us to the test to see if we could carefully put chocolate into the little oval pans to send off to cool into candy pieces. You'll see Ashton with Yogi Approved using a syringe to put chocolate into each slot, followed by Kelli with No Thanks to Cake putting the two pans together but there was a minor spill. Don't worry, we took home all the items we sampled and they will not be given to consumers.


Good Day Chocolate: Instagram and Facebook

Sprouts Farmers Market: Instagram and Facebook

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