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Gourmet Toast Recipes

Breakfast doesn't need to be boring and toast does not need to be lathered with butter or jam. Let your taste buds lead the culinary journey for a gourmet toast. You may even be inspired to throw on an apron and name your new restaurant (aka your kitchen) with these fancy, elevated recipes.

My article on quick, easy gourmet toast was featured in Denver Life Magazine in April 2020: Brunch issue. If you haven't subscribed, I highly recommend you do because I will be contributing to it more frequently.

1. Everything Avocado Mashed avocado with Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Sesame Seasoning and a dash of citrus to keep the avocado green. Elevate the toast with a soft boiled egg on top.

2. Antipasto & Balsamic Prosciutto, artichoke hearts, peppadew peppers, goat cheese, and a balsamic glaze.

3. Scandinavian Lox Salmon lox, avocado, grapefruit, capers, and feta cheese. Option to add butter or onions

4. PB & Blueberry Peanut butter, bananas, blueberries. Swap the blueberries for strawberries or apples. Add a drizzle of honey too

Additional toasts not pictured:

Harvest Hummus, roasted carrots, pine nuts

Ricotta Pear Ricotta cheese, sliced pear and honey drizzle. Option to swap the pear for apples, or add slivered almonds on top.


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