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Pop Up Parties: The Dinner Party Association

I was invited to The Dinner Party Association's first official Denver event: Pop Up Brunch. It was hosted at Logan Coffee House in RiNo and had an amazing menu. I was honored to be invited and after experiencing the brunch event, I can't wait to attend the next one (and every one after that).


Morgan had newly purchased a deep frier and showcased his skills with the fried egg and bread. He was extremely excited and so were we to see what he was going to make. I'll get into more detail about the menu soon but lets get back to Morgan.

He is extremely passionate about Colorado and recreating the foods the first settlers ate when they arrived in what is now this beautiful state. I am really excited to follow Morgan through his journey while he introduces more native foods to Denver. Follow him on Instagram @morganhandmaderations or online at


Upon arrival we were greeted with a make your own [boozey] coffee station and free pours of Beryl's Beer. Once everyone was sat the party promptly began with our first course, a Thai fried egg on charred rice paper with pickled carrots. The flavors were very unique with a bit of sweet and and a lot of savory. The second course was a rosemary chia breakfast pudding made by Megan. I love chia anything so this hit the spot. The third course was Morgan's version of the Colorado Trail Breakfast. This consisted of fried bread, pork rillette and stone pears. This dish blew my mind because it was like nothing else I had ever had. The pork was rich in flavor and the pear sweetened the dish. The dessert was one of my favorite parts because it was simple, yet unique. Sugar Vision baked three types of shortbread cookies: Rye, Thyme, and Rosemary. The collaboration of Megan, Morgan, and Sugar Vision coming together to make a delicious brunch has been one of the best Sunday Funday's I've ever had.


Megan recently moved here from LA and brought her amazing company, Dinner Party Association. They are known for hosting eclectic pop up dinner and brunch parties which feature specialty dishes and local chefs. She is the sweetest with a warm soul. She did an amazing job at planning the party, inviting the perfect guest list, and balancing hosting with the right amount of mingling.


No one knew anyone at brunch except for the guest they brought and it made the party really enjoyable. Everyone I met was open to networking and sharing their story of how they were invited. There was so much to talk about with the flavors of the dishes to the story of the Logan Coffee House. I had a wonderful time and adore Dinner Party Association. The next event is February 6th at Beryl's Beer for beer-paired-dishes. Make sure to buy your tickets as these events sell out rather quickly.


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