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How COVID-19 has Reset Humanity

Shelter In Place - support local restaurants

I've been locked down for exactly 1 month today with the exception of going out to grocery stores and delivering essentials to immunocompromised and elderly. Looking back, the world has really changed in 30 days. When Neil and I decided to go on lock down it was before the state issued the shelter in place order. We are fortunate enough to work from home every day and continued our work as normal.

At first, it seemed like COVID-19 would pass through the US and maybe effect a small percentage of people. Around March 20th a fear started setting in as more news was shared and the coronavirus task force shared more statistics. By The 23rd Denver was given the 'Shelter in Place' order and everyone ravaged the stores for the next 3 days. This was an "every wo/man for themselves" period to hoard everything you possibly could to live life at home for what was estimated 2 weeks.

However in just fourteen days, March 23rd to April 3rd, a shift began to happen thanks to social media. People became more informed on the symptoms and spread of coronavirus, strangers who pleaded for help had other strangers sourcing items not available in grocery stores for them, and everyone howls at 8pm to let our front line workers know we are there for them and appreciate their sacrifices.

Finding new ways to interact with each other.

As a human race, we have found a way to care for each other and our planet. We have been limited to our interactions and now we crave to hug and talk to anyone. Through this world pandemic, we have found each other in a new light. Even Mother Earth has shown gratitude of this reset and animals are roaming the streets of San Fran, marine life is appearing in the clear waters of Venice, and the air is being cleansed with temporary declines in carbon dioxide levels. Our planet has calmed itself from less human activity to read clearer seismic vibrations.

Appreciating the small things: coffee, nature, and time together

At first, I was annoyed by the lock down and now, I'm grateful for it. I believe that humans crave each other and people will value one another more. We have found new ways to connect and our world has become less chaotic. I hope as a society we can push people to work from home more - decreasing traffic and oil prices, value our time together - reducing social media use and distractions, and enjoying our surroundings more - spending more time in nature or marveling at the street murals in big cities.

What takeaways have you learned from being quarantined?


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