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5 Entrepreneurship Tips

On September 12th, I was invited by Tara of GoPlayDenver to speak on an entrepreneur panel at General Assembly Denver. The 4 other Entrepreneur panelists were local to Denver and had diverse businesses:

We were asked to each pick 5 tips to share with the crowd on anything related to business and entrepreneurship. Here are my five tips in short:

  1. Surround Yourself with Inspiring People

Change your mindset, listen to podcasts to increase your knowledge, mingle at networking events and change the people you are connecting to. You want to surround yourself with people who will inspire you and support you.

  1. There is No Right Path

If you listen to everyone else's opinion, you will only get the outcomes they want. Do what your heart and gut tells you to do. You create your own path.

  1. Value Yourself

Once you get the experience under your belt, stop doing favors or freebies. Choose your prices and stick to them. If you discount your prices, you will be discounting your work.

  1. Every Client Matters

Treat every client like they are your most important client. This will help build a long lasting relationship with the people who are helping you and your company thrive.

  1. Have Fun

If you aren't having fun then why are you doing this? Every day should have more positive moments than negative.

CHEERS TO AWESOME ENTREPRENEURS! If you want to quit your job and pursue your passion then come to the next panel!


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