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When Bloggers Hit the Gym at Fit36Fitness

As a blogger, I eat a lot of food and for every indulgent meal, I need to balance it out with a good workout. Today, I hosted local bloggers from different niches like Food, Fashion, Travel, Fitness, and Lifestyle. Brad Cooley, founder of Fit36 Fitness, partnered with me to host the class at the LoDo studio.

Fit36 has a great module of a 12 station circuit that you run through twice; 1 minute on, 30 seconds of rest. They have a great slogan: Make Every Minute Count. This really resonated with me because it forces you to push for those last few seconds. This full body workout is intense but can be modified for all levels. I am so proud of all the bloggers who came to "Squat-o de Mayo" and kicked their glutes into action.


  • Plank Jacks

  • Barbell Squats

  • TRX knees to elbows or plank

  • Bosu Ball Squats and jumps

  • Battle Ropes with leg scissors

  • Chest Press

  • Crisscross Apple Sauce Squats

  • Situps and Twists with kettlebells

  • Explosive Squats with overhead barbell push

  • Wall handstands with leg rotations

  • Frog Jumps

  • Tricep Extensions while standing on one leg

Post workout all the bloggers took selfies, group photos, and enjoyed all our swag. I'm sending a huge thanks to:

My Vision Nutrition for their delicious protein donuts

The Protein Bar for the nutritious wraps

Blume Honey Water for the chap stick and refreshing variety of Honey Water

and again Fit36Fitness for Propel Water and sore muscles [hehe]

I think the best part of the workout was listening to all the support from everyone form cheering, grunting with smiles, and giving high fives. I love the Denver/Boulder blogger scene! Major props to Christan & Ashley with The Hungry Hungry Hipsters; Monica with Mind on Nutrition; Chloe with Mile High and Hungry; Jimena with Jimena Zamora; Julie with Denver Nomz; and Kait with Modern Hippie Habits; and Neil with Viking Muscle.

If you are a local Denver/Boulder blogger (or visiting) and want to join the next fitness class, please come!


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