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Norseman Xtreme Triathlon | Support Guide to be the Best Sherpa

Congratulations to your soon-to-be Norseman competitor. Now, take a breath and get ready to be a part of an amazing experience. I will forever remember being support for Neil in the 2016 NXtri. The Athlete Guide will give you just enough information and not go over board in details, which is what lead to this NX Tri Support Crew Guide. After being a sherpa for many Ironman and USA Triathlon events, I was obsessive about nailing down everything I could need for the Norseman. I knew Neil's expected race times and distances based on his swim, bike and run splits.

Being an awesome Sherpa requires practicing with your athlete. Practice hands offs on the bike, helping remove clothes while moving, and stripping off the wet suit. One of our hardest moments was getting Neil's compression sleeves on after the swim. He was numb and couldn't even buckle his helmet or feel anything. I wish there is a way to practice for this but there really isnt.

To best execute the upcoming list, I recommend setting up your car in sections: Pre Race, T1, T2, Hike, Post Race.

People who were more prepared had drawers set up for just nutrition and water, another set with wardrobe changes and then Sherpa supplies for themselves. If we had a bigger vehicle than our ŠKODA Octavia Wagon, we could have had this setup.

The Triathlete and Support NX Tri List:

Norseman Triathlon Check List for Support


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