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Denver's First Immersive Event: Ordinary World

Photography by Scott Wyatt. MOXIE Luxe Event

Imagine a place where practical-meets-peculiar.

Where mystery and magic meet.

Where guests explore the unknown and reconnect with anticipation, an excitement they haven’t felt in years.

A place called Ordinary World— an event that’s anything but.

If you didn't know, the first immersive event took place at Mile High Station on September 16th and it has become the most talked about highly anticipated (for the next one) event.


Breaking the boundaries between performer and audience, Ordinary World guests will have the unique opportunity to engage with evocative elements of the show itself, interacting with choreographed dancers, artistic performers and aerialists, becoming an integral part of the performances themselves as they become part of the vignettes, stories and other unforgettable experiences themselves.

MOXIE Luxe's founder, Kara Duepre wants each event to guid guests through the artistic unknown and weirdly wonderful events of the evening. At Ordinary World dramatic dances and music filled the room to entertain the guests. The performers kept a sense of anticipation while guests joined in the dancing, sipping and savoring some of Denver's finest cocktails and cuisine.

Want to know what I thought was one of the best parts of the night? A portion of the proceeds benefited The Matthew Shepard Foundation.


Join the next event on January 20th, 2018: "Winter is Here". You can also join the MOXIE Luxe mailing list to stay up to date with their upcoming events.


MOXIE Luxe is an international immersive events company based in Denver, Colo, providing one-of-a-kind, extraordinary experiences. Read more about MOXIE Luxe on the MOXIE Luxe website at, follow MOXIE Luxe on Instagram @moxie_luxe and Facebook @eventsmoxie.

All photography is owned by Scott Wyatt and MOXIE Luxe.

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