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We Bought a House | Midtown Denver

I am so excited to announce that we bought a house! We are so incredibly happy to find something in Denver that didn't require us to say we are suburban people.

The best part of our house is our neighborhood. Just nestled off of I-25 is the cutest new Denver 'hood, Midtown. We have a true community of people with community gardens, a splash pad, home-plate park, community center and the soon to come Brewery and Coffee Shop.

We are moving today, right after a giant snowfall. I am so excited for our final walk through at noon followed by our title signing at 2pm. You might think I am crazy for blogging instead of packing but for once in my life I am over-prepared. Everything has been packed except for the bed. We packed our car last night and plan on dropping things off at our walk through.

I wanted to share photos of our cute new space and the adorable cookies we got from Sugardough.


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