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The Broadmoor: A Magical Resort

I was invited to The Broadmoor for a "staycation" and to be a part of the Taste & Savor event [Read more about it here]. If you haven't been there or don't know anything about it, the most important thing to take from this post is that The Broadmoor is a magical resort with endless possibilities.

Located in Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor looks over the Springs on one side and Pikes Peak on the other. It opened in 1918 and has had only 3 owners, all whom have continued to preserve the original idea of experiencing the spirit of the West. The Broadmoor has earned the AAA Five-Diamond Award for countless years and prides itself on being a Five-Star Resort.


My photos, nor I, can describe every detail but I will do my best to help you envision the luxury and elegency of The Broadmoor. From the moment you pull up to valet, you will be astonished at everything; I stood in awe countless times at the craftmanship of the woodwork, landscape, walls, ceilings, and even the parking lot. One of the more obvious, yet unique details is the rose bouquet that stands elegantly under the chandelier at check in. Every Thursday a new bouquet arrives and looks just a perfect as the last. The rooms are beautifully decorated with a vintage yet fresh, luxurious feel. The outside is just as beautiful from the 3 golf courses to the infinity pool. There are benches and sitting rooms throughout the resort to relax and take in the beauty around you.

TIP: If have the chance, it is worth grabbing a coffee from Espresso News and watching the sun rise over Cheyenne Lake.


There are 10 [yes, ten!] restaurants and 9 cafes and lounges on site at The Broadmoor. It's almost impossible to visit all of them in one trip; you will need to book another visit. Did you know that some restaurants offer different menus throughout the day and all the restaurants change their menu seasonally or monthly? I tried to eat at as many as possible to help you decide on where to make your reservations for your next visit.

The Restaurant Options:

Which was my favorite? I'd say Summit followed by Sunday brunch at Lake Terrace Dining Room. Summit has the legendary Angry Trout entree or the Steak and Frites that are not to miss.


Everyone must get "stung" at The Golden Bee. It is VERY smart to make a post dinner reservation for a night cap (or two) here. I cant tell you too much but plan on singing along to the live pianist and drinking with the neighboring tables as if everyone is your best friend.


Would you believe me if I said you could do almost anything at The Broadmoor? Well it is true! When I started this post I said there are endless possibilities because you could play golf, go shopping, play tennis, learn to flyfish, rent a paddle boat, go bowling, take an art class, workout, relax at the spa, and more. The Broadmoor offers activities for all ages and all interests.


Stories live on here... I met a few people couldn't wait to tell me about their connection with The Broadmoor.

Ron and Cathy, for example, have hosted their two [now adult] children and their family's for Christmas every year for the past 25 years. They also spent their wedding night celebrating at The Golden Bee and were there to celebrate 65 years of marriage. Anytime there is something worth celebrating in their family, they don't think twice about being at The Broadmoor for it.


The Broadmoor was an amazing getaway. It has preserved itself and has a legacy like no other resort. You will be treated like royalty whether you are a hotel guest or just dining in one of the restaurants as a non-hotel guest. I highly recommend everyone experiences The Broadmoor. You will have to catch my next post on my Behind the Scene's experience.

Now, why are you still reading this and not booking your next getaway? Book it here, at

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