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I Heart "Flips" | Confessions from a Flip-a-holic

This sounds so corny but I have a new love: Chobani Flips! It's a mixture of Greek Yogurt and some very tasty toppings. I eat one per day [at minimum] and was buying them a la carte until Costco started to stock the family pack.

Rant: Now, I despise trips to Costco because of the chaos from the streets surrounding it, the parking lot, navigating the inside the store with your extra-extra wide cart, and then trying to make it from the checkout to your car (while snagging a hot dog). So how do I make it work? I really do love Costco so I find the least popular times to visit (and usually miss out on free samples). The trip is worth it for a box of 12 Flips.

If you have not tried it yet, get a move on! I love the Salted Caramel Crunch the most!

Happy Eating!

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