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Cheese + Provisions: Celebrating the Artisan

Tonight, I attended the private Soft Grand Opening for Cheese + Provisions in the Sunnyside neighborhood. Steve Duty, the founder has an extensive background in the food industry from being a dairy farmer to an award-winning wine maker. His amazing wife Kim, also a founder, is Steve's backbone...literally! Just days before opening, she took over all the construction and final touches of their shop while he had extensive dental work done. Aside from her support, Kim handles the marketing and social media for Cheese + Provisions. Together they are looking forward to this adventure and becoming model neighbors for improving the Sunnyside community.


They officially open on Tuesday, December 15th. They will offer gift baskets, fresh cut cheese and meats, cheese and (insert drink choice) pairings, and a pantry with select local or small business grocery items.


Although Cheese is the main attraction, Cheese + Provisions focuses on celebrating the artisan. I thought I understood what that meant until I got to experience it firsthand. Celebrating the Artisan is Steve & Kim's way of recognizing smaller, thriving businesses from JoJo's Sriracha and Jumpin' Good Goat Dairy to Modern Gingham Jam and 34 Degrees Natural Cracker. C+P is sharing the many stories of the artisans who make the products.


C+P is not for the "snobby" cheese enthusiast. It is a classroom with many stories waiting to be told and many lessons to be learned about the art of cheese. The team is there to warmly welcome you and make your shopping experience the best it could possibly be.


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