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The Great Holiday Bakeoff

Each year my partner and I split our holidays between both our families. The holidays are always chaotic but full of memories. My favorite part are the cookies. Both my mom and Neil's mom have some of the best cookies. I could eat them at any time of the year but there is something about eating them closer to the holidays that makes them more nostalgic.


I was so happy to spend my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, with my family in Chicago. I asked my mom to spend Black Friday baking all day because I had not been home in years for the annual cookie baking day. It was very early to start baking any

holiday cookies but my mom was thrilled to have me in the kitchen. We made sugar cookies, spice cookies, oatmeal scotchies, and toffee bars.

This year was extra special because my niece, 3 years, was old enough to join in the cookie decorating. Although she poured half a container of sprinkles on every cookie followed by eating the frosting off and re-frosting the cookies, it was a great time and she isn't expected to have the best decorating skills (yet).


Fastforward to the week of Christmas where my partner's mom hosts her annual cookie baking day. She invites all her children (8 + significant others) and grandchildren and has the men work on the gingerbread houses while the kids decorate sugar cookies. We made chocolate dipped pretzel rods, sugar cookies and her worldly famous (yes, famous in Japan and Sweden) chocolate chip cookies.

This year we had a special cookie cutter in honor of Neil completing his 2 IRONMAN's and multiple triathlons. It was the hit among the nephews, who all wanted their own IRONMAN cookie to bake. Apparently trees, snowmen, and stars are so last year.


I love holiday baking and the food coma that comes with sampling everything I baked. My favorite cookies have to be my mom's toffee bars (or maybe its the Oatmeal Scotchies....hmm) and Neil's mom's famous cookies.


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